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Family Portraits: Why they are Important | Maine Wedding Photographers

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There is a portion of your wedding day that always sparks mixed emotions – the family portraits. In the end, it is your wedding and you should do what makes you happy, but our recommendation is to always schedule some time into the day to take at least a few key family photos.

Reflecting on our own wedding, the photo that got printed the most was the family shot of the bride & groom, mom and dad, any grandparents and siblings. The classic family shot. It’s the one photo that still sits on our desks, and that mom keeps on the mantle. It’s always a great reminder of the family that was there on your wedding day. We made sure to print that photo specifically – why – because it captured what was important to us on our wedding day, our family and ourselves. These few images became even more important when we lost a grandparent, and because of that we’re so happy that we planned for this time. This is also the reason why we recommend that you plan for this time as well.

Here is what we are not suggesting – we are not suggesting that you spend an hour photographing everyone you know lined up in a neat row on the alter of the church. We are suggesting that you select the MOST important people in your life and have a photo with them. It comes down to about 10-12 groupings, which does not take any time at all to complete. We will even help making recommendations on groupings.

This is our final word on the family portrait during your wedding – the “traditional” family wedding portrait is not a replacement for a specific family portrait session. Yes, we ensure that everyone is present, they look good, they are smiling and looking at the camera with both eyes open – but it’s still not a replacement of a perfectly posed, well-lit, completely controlled family portrait. We personally schedule a portrait session every single year of the dogs and us. Your wedding day should not be the only time you have a family portrait done.

If you are reading this, and thinking back on when the last time you had a family portrait, and you can’t remember the date – it’s time to schedule one. Find a photographer that you love and get on their calendar. Make the investment. It’s worth it.


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